Briefing Session on "Overall Activities of Self-Assessment Committees" organized by IQAC-DIU

rsz iqac4Hosts and Participants of the Briefing Session are seen in the frame

Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), DIU organized ‘Briefing Session on Overall Activities of Self-Assessment Committees, IQAC, DIU’ on 29 May, 2018 at Daffodil International University, for discussing and sharing the overall activities and present status of SACs, IQAC, DIU.

IQAC has invited convenors and members of each Self-Assessment Committee (SAC) to interact with IQAC officials regarding various issues, focusing overall activities and upcoming steps, need to be taken after the project ends on 30 June, 2018. It may be cited, IQAC, DIU will be working as the integral part of Daffodil International University which has been decided and approved by the management of DIU, accordingly.

The briefing session was moderated by the Director, IQAC, DIU, Professor Dr. A.K.M. Fazlul Haque. In this interactive session, he has portrayed the status of all SACs of IQAC, DIU where he has mentioned the following issues, which are as submission of all financial documents, VAT/Tax challan to the treasury of the Government, maintaining Books of Accounts, organizing workshops, submission of Outcome Based Course Curriculum. He also stresses on how IQAC, DIU will work after completion of the project. Additional Director, IQAC, DIU Dr. Sk. Abdul Kader Arafin also talks on impact of Implementation of Improvement Plan and compliance issues.

Mentioning the role of IQAC in ensuring quality education at HEI, Director, IQAC, DIU briefed the audience that activities of IQAC facilitates IEB accreditation and contributes in visible changes at quality domain. He also discussed on National Accreditation Council and showed the relationship between NAC and IQAC. Convenors and members of different SA Departments took part in discussion and asks several issues on its operation after completion of the project and compliance issues relating to their document.

rsz iqac1Professor Dr. A. K. M. Fazlul Haque, Director, IQAC-DIU is seen addressing at the session

In making orderly arrangement of all related information on spending the fund along with activities performed (since inception) by SA Departments, IQAC, DIU has developed a format, naming, ‘’ Summarization of the Activities of Self-Assessment (SA) Committee, Dept. of……., Daffodil International University’ which has been shared at the event.

In submitting the necessary documents, Director, IQAC, DIU has proposed a time frame which was unanimously agreed by all SACs of IQAC, DIU for submitting, accordingly. The meeting ended with vote of thanks.

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