Dialogue on Continuous Quality Improvement with Self-Assessment Committees (SACs) of IQAC held

rsz r2Participants of the Dialogue are Seen with the Organizers

Institutional Quality assurance Cell (IQAC) of Daffodil International University organized a Dialogue on "Continuous Quality Improvement with Self-Assessment Committees (SACs) of IQAC" on 1st February, 2018. The dialogue was arranged as a follow up of quality related activities of program SA departments under IQAC-DIU. Professor Dr. A.K.M. Fazlul Haque, Director, IQAC-DIU presided over the dialogue where he underscored the need for future course of actions to be taken by SA departments. He also instructed the SA Departments to complete all related actiivities within 30th April, 2018 as the IQAC sub-project is going to be ended on 30th June, 2018. Questions of each examination needs to be set based on bloom's taxonomy and question moderation committee needs to be formed in each Department. Additional Director, IQAC-DIU Dr. Sk. Abdul Kader Arafin facilitated the dialogue as well. They also requested the Departments to develop outcome based course curriculum as early as possible. 

As requested by Director, IQAC-DIU; all the convenors/SAC members briefed the meeting regarding their activities related to quality assurance as well as developments made by each department as part of continuous improvement. Head of Textile Engineering Department praised the contribution of IQAC activities in getting other accreditations. The focal point of Business Administration Department informed that it has been implementing the 4-year improvement plan. Head ETE Department ensured that the outcome based teaching-learning and course curriculul will be implemented in the Department by June this year. Focal point of CSE Department informed that they are working on outcome-based course curriculum, virtualization of computer lab, innovative project proposals, established research talks, faculty dash board, student engagement, teaching portfolio, course file management etc. Head of English Department said that their syllabus and outcome-based course curriculum to be finalized soon. Focal point of NFE Department informed that they are following bloom's taxonomy in setting questions, Rubric marking system will be introduced soon, students will be given training on how to evaluate teachers, students are being engaged in various tasks, OBCC developed and ready to go for implementation, micro-biology lab, joint research etc. are being done. Focal point of Software Engineering Department has started developing outcome based course curriculum and they are working on departmental accreditation which will be applied for within next June. They have also created the research group. The Convenor of SAC of Law Department mentioned that research group has been created and new teachers are being encouraged to do research and publication. Representative of Pharmacy Department informed that they are following question moderation system and working for outcome based curriculum development and they will submit the post self-assessment improvement plan soon.