Additional Director, IQAC, DIU attends the Training Program on Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Malaysia


rsz malaysia 1Professor Dr. Md. Fokhray Hossain, Additional Director, IQAC, DIU is seen with other Trainees in Malaysia

Professor Dr. Md. Fokhray Hossain, Additional Director, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell of Daffodil International University participated in the Quality Assurance in Higher Education Training Program held at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, during 8-21 November, 2015. The Quality Assurance Committee, HEQEP-UGC, Bangladesh organized the training program for the Directors and Additional Directors of IQAC of different public and private universities of Bangladesh under round two in order to create awareness among them regarding essence of ensuring quality education, quality culture and required mechanism to establish the same in their respective institutions and for Capacity Building IQACs, QAU, HEQEP, UGC-Bangladesh.

Edu Leads Consulting (M) Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia was assigned to conduct the above mentioned training program under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh and World Bank where University Grants Commission of Bangladesh is the implementing agency of the project. The program was conducted from 9 November to 20 November, 2015. The workshop aimed at providing participants with a good grounding in selected quality assurance areas and includes outcome based education, governance and governance and research and publications. 

The training contents were Introduction to Workshop and Introduction to Quality Assurance; Outcome Based Education; Curriculum Design and Delivery & Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning; Research and Publications in HE: funding, collaboration, post graduate programs & Publications; Quality Assurance Challenges for an Institution: Internal Quality Assurance; Visit to Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA); Higher Education: Governance and Challenges; Significant quality assurance areas; Identifying quality assurance challenges for an institution: Internal quality assurance; Recap of Workshop and Action Plan for the Future etc. The trainees also visited the University of Malaya (UM), the City, Asia Pacific University (APU), Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Putra Jaya etc. 

The training program will help transform the prevailing QA situations at different universities in Bangladesh. The program will lead the Directors and Additional Directors to operate the University Administration, Financial Management, Public Procurement Rules, Management Concept, QA culture, Self-Assessment, related issues and challenges and implement proper decision for effective and efficient continuous quality improvement in higher education. Upon the completion of the workshop, the participants have been able to analyze critically the Self-Assessment Report (SAR); identify the key aspects of SAR for peer observation and gather information from the stakeholders; identify the strengths and weaknesses of the assessed programs; provide needful commendations and recommendations for further improvements; and judge properly based on rating scale.